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Dentistry & Orthodontics for Children & Adults

We Create Healthy SMILES at Sunny Smiles Dental Care.

Finding a dentist in El Paso, Texas that is dedicated to your dental care can be hard.  Our talented and friendly dentists and staff are committed to understanding and meeting your needs as a patient. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art dentistry to you and your family.

We provide quality services from braces to teeth whitening for children, young adults and adults, allowing us to serve all of your family’s dental needs in El Paso, Texas.                      

To make an appointment in our East office:
(1788 N. Zaragoza Rd. El Paso Tx. 79936Please call us at (915)849-9000

To make an appointment in our North East office:
(10039 Dyer St. El Paso, Tx 79924Please call us at (915)759-7000

or visit our office to make one. We have a fun game room filled with a ball pit , X-box and tons of games for kids. 


Kids Dentist El Paso

Kids Dentist El Paso

Are your kids afraid of the dentist? If so, then we at Sunny Smiles can be of help. As a leading kids dentist in El Paso, we specialize in providing gentle and kid-focused dental services that will make your child’s visit a walk in the park. In addition to digital x-rays that emit only 10% of the radiation of conventional film x-rays, we also provide BPA-free sealants, sedation dentistry, and effective fluoride application. These are coupled with specialized techniques to minimize pain or discomfort for your toddler. A commitment to care and quality dental services has made us the kids dentist in El Paso of choice for families with young children.

Along with the dental services we provide, such as routine cleaning, mouth guards, fillings, baby root canals, crowns, and dental exams, we can also help you ingrain proper dental habits in your child that will last his or her whole life. Starting from the time your child grows that first tooth, dental care is something that should be taken seriously to ensure oral health of both the teeth and gums. To make an appointment with a caring, experienced kids dentist in El Paso at Sunny Smiles, please call today at:

(915)849-9000 for our East Office (1788 N. Zaragoza Rd. El Paso Tx. 79936

(915)759-7000 for our North East Office (10039 Dyer St. El Paso, Tx 79924)

Adult Dentist El Paso

Adult Dentist El Paso

If one’s dental health should be a priority, then it would follow that one should have a good relationship with one’s dentist. An aspect of any good relationship is open communication, and this means that there are some basic questions that you should be able to ask your Adult Dentist El Paso. Your dentist should also be able to answer your queries as thoroughly as they can. El Paso Dentist Clinic called Sunny Smiles is one such place where you can freely ask your questions and concerns with assurance of direct and clear answers. Here are some questions that you should ask your Adult Dentist El Paso and be able to get satisfactory responses to.

What toothbrush should I use?

Your dentist should be able to know well the state of your oral health. Since there are some people who would benefit more from using an electric toothbrush compared to brushing manually, your dentist should be able to tell you which is best for your situation.

How do I floss properly?
Your dentist should also be able to show you how to properly floss your teeth. Sometimes improper flossing can be as bad as not flossing at all. For example, flossing too hard can cause injury to your gums.

What kind of toothpaste/mouth rinse/whitening products should I use?
Depending on the condition of your oral health, your dentist should be able to say if you continue using over the counter toothpaste, mouth rinse, or teeth whitening product or if you should get a particular brand or type instead.

Of course, even as Adult Dentist El Paso can satisfactorily answer your queries on the above and which you follow to the letter, it is still part of your relationship with your dentist to go to the clinic regularly. Regular dental check-ups are needed so that you can undergo needed procedures like plaque removal and dental scaling. This is because even as you properly brush and floss your teeth and use all the right products, there are still some areas in your mouth that you cannot thoroughly clean on your own. Aside from that, if your dentist is also a Cosmetic Dentist El Paso, she will be able to suggest additional procedures to improve your smile.


El Paso Dental Services

The Professionals at Sunny Smiles

The dentists at Sunny Smiles run a very efficient and wonderful dental clinic El Paso. The areas of expertise are vast, including but not limited to implants, cosmetic dentistry, and dental sleep medicine, as well as handling issues of dental anxiety. Free El Paso dental services are offered to low-income individuals, such as dental screenings and other crucial treatments at various community events. Put your trust in these competent professionals to provide you with the best care, and show you compassion throughout the stressful process.

The services which are provided for children are as follows:

  • Dental crowns
  • Braces
  • Cleanings

We pride ourselves on helping children to understand why they need the El Paso dental services that they receive. We are gentle and effective, at the same time. When you bring your children to this clinic, you can rest assured that we will do our best to treat their dental issues, and make sure that they maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Adults Services through Sunny Smiles

Adults also are able to make routine visits and have El Paso dental care done by the dentists at Sunny Smiles. Among other things, they offer fillings, dental bondings, teeth whitening, and implants. Whether you just need a cleaning or assistance with a serious dental problem, they can do a great job at giving you a beautiful smile again. You should not have to be in pain or feel embarrassed about your mouth and teeth. There are several cosmetic dentistry treatments which are undergone by the dental professionals at this clinic. Be sure to ask them plenty of questions before you sign up for getting any of this work done, so that you completely know what you are getting into with the procedure.



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